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Lot was founded in Riyadh in 2018 by long time creative collaborators Mariam Al Amer & Nada Al Arjani to fill a certain gap in the Saudi market; the point where intellectual and commercial meets. By combining their visual talents and years of experience it resulted in design solutions that are crafted to reach the widest sect of people without sacrificing creativity & individuality.

It’s a simple formula. One part is anticipating the trends and knowing what people want before they do, the other is philosophical design; visuals that speak to the soul, and the mind. Concepts that resonate from the moment they meet the eye.

Guided by this tried-and-true blueprint and a dynamic roster of talented designers, illustrators and writers, all eager to create the next big thing.

LOT Studio HQ's


Visual Identity

First impressions are always decided by the eye, You always catch people visually before anything else, And we intrinsically understand that. Coming from visual backgrounds and utilizing our knowledge of trend and our experience we will make you look your best, Wether a simple concept or a an entire identity rest assured we know image well, And whatever it is, you will look sharpest.

Design & Illustration

We specialize in design that draw the customer in; An illustration that makes them think, A color palette that makes them smile, And concept that take them on an emotional journey. And you will see it in our graphic design, logos and identities, all the way to packaging. We sprinkle that magic in every design element we work on ensuring breathtaking results for all your needs.

Brand Strategy

Let us tell your brand’s story with you and show off what makes you unique. With our tool set and highlighting what sets you apart we can build or refresh your brand’s identity wether visually or conceptually, and make it stand a little taller above the rest.

Social Media & Content Creation

Your secret weapon & one of the most valuable tools in any brand’s arsenal. We will help you make an impact on social media & be seen by potential clients. We work closely with  our partners to manage & create content for a unique and eye catching social media presence that will get folks interested in what you have to say.

Marketing Campaigns

Building a whole story for your campaign from the ground up or adding our fresh & unique perspective on your pre-existing campaigns, We know how to tell a story that attracts, Conveying it in a visually stunning ways, And having it reach the widest portion you’re after. We take great care in crafting worlds for your brand that takes it to the next level.

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